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Give your bedroom a stylish makeover with our custom-made queen size beds made from premium quality materials. Customize your bed today for desired comfort and elegance.

Modern queen bed


Made of non-toxic and safe materials.

Made in Dubai

Crafted locally with precision and care

Free Delivery

Complimentary for orders above 1000 AED

Premium Quality

Assemble using finest quality wood and fabrics

bed with storage Dubai
Upholstered Bed Dubai
customized queen bed

Custom Bed Specialists

Do You Need Our Custom Queen Size Bed?

You should consider replacing your bed frame every 8-10 years, as materials can weaken over time, reducing durability and stability. Replace sooner if you notice the frame sagging, loosening joinery, or structural damage. We offer customized queen-size beds in Dubai.

Pain or Discomfort

Persistent discomfort indicates a need for replacement.

Noise and Creaks

Get our bed to get rid of excessive noise and get peaceful sleep.


Showcasing Our Bed Gallery

Explore Our Collection Of Elegantly Designed Queen Size Beds

Upholstered Bed Dubai
Upholstered Bed Dubai
queen size bed
Solid wood queen bed
Custom Made Queen Bed
Upholstered Bed Dubai
classic wooden queen bed
Modern queen bed
Plain Wood Bed queen size

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Upholstered Bed Dubai
custom queen bed
Upholstered Bed Dubai

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Elegant Bed Creations

Transform Room With Our Custom Queen Size Bed in Dubai

Are you looking to give your room a fresh feel? Make your room look new with our custom bed in Dubai with queen size. We make them carefully to be both fancy and comfy. Think of it as a perfect addition of luxury in your room. Place your order today!

Premium Materials

Extensive Size Options

Kid Friendly Design

Under Bed Storage

Maximize your room’s potential by integrating storage into your single bed.


Handcrafted Queen Beds

What Makes Us the Best For Queen Size Beds In Dubai?

Upholstered Bed Dubai

Expert Designers

Modern Styles

Extended Durability

Fully Customizable

Superior Comfort

Compact Storage

Excellent Service

Timely Delivery

Wide Range

Value for Money


Comfort Comes First

We Don’t Just Make Beds; We Craft Them


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Positive Reviews

30 Minutes

Response Time


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Custom Made queen size bed


Queen Bed Specialists

Organize Your Things in Queen Bed with Storage

Our queen beds come with extra storage to help you save space in your room. It’s a great way to keep your room looking neat and organized without any clutter. So, with our beds, not only do you get to sleep comfortably, but you also get a smart way to store stuff!

Elite Craftsmanship

Skilled artisans bring innovative designs.

Extended Longevity

Ensures 15+ years of smooth luxury.


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Upholstered Bed Dubai

Unique Bed Options

Choosing The Perfect Queen Bed Size For Your Bedroom

California Queen (60″ x 84″)

Longer bed, perfect for taller people.

Standard Queen (60″ x 80″)

Perfect size for different bedrooms.

Split Queen (30″ x 80″)

Two parts, easy to move and set up.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Do you have questions about our luxurious queen-size beds in Dubai? Read our comprehensive FAQ section below. It’s added to provide swift responses about materials, bespoke customization options, delivery procedures, and several other topics. Should you have additional questions or require more info, our dedicated team of specialists is always available to assist. Reach out and let us help you!

Yes, we offer customization for our queen beds. From adjusting the size and reshaping the headboard to picking out specific colors and materials, we aim to match your unique preferences.

Our beds have rounded corners, safe finishes, and low-height options to prevent injuries. We avoid toxic materials to make beds safe for kids when they play or sleep. Try our custom bed service in Dubai.

The standard queen bed, 60 inches in width and 80 inches in length offers an ample sleeping area for solo sleepers or couples. Despite its giant size, it’s efficiently designed to ensure it only consumes a manageable amount of your room’s floor space.

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